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The Ballad Of Irv Gordon

by Tom & Ellen Demarest

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The Ballad of Irv Gordon Tom Demarest 7/11/2013 =4/11/2014 “Irv you just can’t do that!” I Million = ’87 / Guiness Book 1.69M = ‘98 2 Million = ’02 / 3 Million = 9/18/2013 Verse I: A young man bought a Swedish car back in 1966, Deep in dispair from his old Corvair, he was in need of a “Vehicular Fix”. US auto pride was in full stride, it was the decade of the muscle car! So when Irv chose his ride from the other side of the ocean, that was goin too far!! B Part: They said Irv you just can’t do that! You shouldn’t drive that foreign car! But he said “What the hey, it seems to drive O.K. and I’m thinkin’ that it might go far. I’ve got a long commute, and it’s kind-a-cute, and these sports cars are the rage!” But Irv never guessed he’d become obsessed with Volvo’s six place odometer gauge! Verse II: Now that car was new on a Friday but Monday morning, would reveal, That 1500 miles had passed beneath the wheels of That Swedish Steel! As the six digits turned to a string of nines, the record book keepers looked up. “Could it be this Old Volvo is raisin’ the bar?” Irv Gordon grinned & said “Yup!” B Part: They said “Irv you just can’t do that! Your old car can’t go that far. Maybe to the moon & back but your talkin’ bout reachin a star.” But Irv says “This is a Volvo, you gotta understand my friend, It’ll take you anywhere you want to go, and bring you back home again.” Verse III: There’s no timing belt to break you with those ‘Waited too long blues!” No fuel injected manifold, just balanced twin SUs. They were the only car that came with seat-belts, but no fancy wind up spools. An old Volvo is a simple car, no govenor, and no rules!” B Part: So Irv kept his right foot to it, all across the lower forty-eight. With every stop @ the shop, the same report he got, “Your whole drive-train sounds great!” So how did Irv respond? Well he crossed the Pond, thanked Pelle man to man! Though it was all on the sly, now that designer guy has 1800 million fans! Verse IV: Now Irv’s been on a journey, for the better part of his life. For a driving pal, he got a GPS, named her for his ex-wife. He’s caught her given bad directions more than once in a while. Seems like some things never change so he just shakes his head & smiles! B Part: Now Irv you’ve finally done it, a stellar deed by man & car! You like drove six times to the moon & back! Dude you’re the 3 million miler star! Same man same car, inside and out, a lesson for us all to share. Follow that book, listen & look, keep movin’ and you’ll get there.


released May 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Tom & Ellen Demarest Corvallis, Oregon

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